Boxer Rescue

Boxer rescue organizations exist all over the world with the ultimate goal of finding homes for boxers in need. They are non-profit organizations with dedicated volunteers who all share a love for boxer dogs.

Boxers have a long history of abandonment which means that there are always boxers that need to be rescued. It is common for abusive owners to leave them stray after failed attempts to groom them to be fighting dogs.

Many other boxer dogs are rescued from puppy mills, where the establishment owners breed them intensely in order to sell the puppies. Puppy mills are known for their inhumane conditions.

This is where Boxer Rescue organizations step in. Their goal is to rescue boxer dogs in need and prevent them from being placed in local shelters, where many dogs are eventually euthanized. Boxer Rescue works hard to find these loving dogs a ‘forever home’.

If you are interested in being owned by a boxer, it is highly recommended that you consider rescuing a dog before you purchase a puppy. There are so many beautiful, loving dogs that deserve to have a second chance in life.

We have compiled the most comprehensive list of Boxer Rescue organizations that you will find anywhere. We have included as many rescue organizations in each state that we could find. If we failed to mention an organization or you do not see one located near you, leave us a comment and we will research it for you and add it to the list.

Boxer Rescue Organization Links USA by Owned By A Boxer


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