Boxer Dog History

Boxer Dog History: Where did they come from?

The boxer dog has roots that trace back to late 1800’s Germany.  The boxer belongs to the Molosser dog group, developed from the Bullenbeisser (of Mastiff descent) and the bulldog.  The boxer was bred from the Alt’s Schecken, which was bred to a bulldog in the year 1895.

The first boxer dog was registered in the Stud Book

Boxer Dog History

by Loudenvir

in 1904. In the early lines, there was a high level of inbreeding, which was done to set a type in order to establish the breed. In the earliest years of breeding, one of the most important dogs was named Meta v.d. Passage.  For a more detailed look, refer to the genealogy table on the right.

The boxer dog is a descendant of the early mastiffs. Their ancestors were used for hunting bears, deer, and wild boars, and also to fight other dogs. The bull dog fights were then banned and the dogs became watchdogs and circus dogs. The boxer is the result of the cautious and selective breeding of these dogs and it crossed over to other breeds such as the Great Danes and the English Bulldogs.

The boxer dog is known for his attachment, defensive skill, cleverness, aptitude, and learning abilities. A boxer is a playful dog with a high spirit and full of energy.  They are known for being effective guard dogs and great family dogs.

Boxer dogs may appear scary but they are one of the most amazing and gentle dogs in the world. They are capable of giving unconditional love to their owners. They are often mistaken to be violent but their looks can be deceiving.  Anyone that has ever owned a boxer knows this breed to be one of the most gentle.

In fact, there is no better dog to own if you have kids.  Boxer dogs are known to be extremely patient with small children, even becoming protective over them.  Kids can poke and pull at their ears without worry of retaliation or even irritating them.  I’ve always said that I could leave my boxer in a room full of infants, and I would probably worry more about my dog then the babies.

Many Boxer dogs end up being deserted and abandoned because they are used as just a guard dog or a protector and are not given much attention. Although they are very capable of protecting their masters, the breed is not aggressive by nature.  Abusive owners often attempt to train them to be aggressive but fail, resulting in their abandonment. Boxer dogs need to be trained with an even hand to get the best from them as a breed.