You Know Your Boxer Did Something Bad When…

It has been said that when someone is faced with trouble, there are three general reactions: fight, flight, or freeze.

Someone needs to tell our boxers.

While each individual boxer dog reacts a little differently when they are busted being naughty, some act out of pure panic. Here are a few boxer dogs that fit the bill…and a few that break the mold.

You know you’re boxer did something bad when…

1. They Won’t Look You In The Eye

This is usually a dead giveaway that your boxer has done something unspeakable. In fact, this is the thing you may notice before you even know your dog has done something wrong.

These dogs follow the standard operating procedure for naughty boxers: admit to nothing, just stand there, avoid eye contact, and look for signs of your owner giving in to your cuteness and exploit it.

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2. They Freeze

A classic reaction when caught being naughty. Most boxers are fluent in the art of just not knowing what to do when they are busted doing something they’re not supposed to be doing.

This boxer takes the classic route of staying frozen and adds a little twist of sitting on top of the couch.

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3. They Run

This is the rarely seen, yet hilarious ‘boxer bail’.

Not many boxers have the wherewithal to just run. He must’ve done something pretty bad…

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4. They Fight!

I think this qualifies as fight and flight. This little puppy’s got spunk.

You know only a boxer puppy has the audacity to fight back in the face of trouble. What nerve!

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5. They Play Dead?

This is a new one…

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6. They Raise Their Paw And Swear Obedience

Here’s a boxer whose guilt has gotten the best of him. In fact, he even appears to pledge allegiance to being a good dog.

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Oh, boxers never cease to amaze me. Just when you think they couldn’t get any weirder, they find another way wiggle their butts into our hearts.

Does your boxer do something out of the ordinary when caught in the act? Share in the comments below!

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1 Response

  1. Michael Johnson says:

    I had a Beautiful pair a few years apart a flashy fawn and a brindle. Well Sasha the brindle could and would open any door that was put in front of her. It started with a lever knob. Then I visited my sister in Atlanta when the neighbor called saying the dogs were out. I didn’t think she’d pull this away from home. We went home and put them back in and locked the dead bolt too. Walked to end of driveway and heard the knobs rustling, 3-4 minutes later the door sprung open with an oshit look on their faces. Then I left the little door bandit with a friend at a hotel. He called me saying do you know your dog can use doorknobs. Oops I forgot to warn him. 1st time he thought he just left door Ajar, she pulled the jailbreak 2 more times. He attached her leash to his suitcase, went around the corner and 2-3 minutes later the dog was taking his suitcase on a walk. I miss her so.

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