White Boxer Dogs: Facts and Information

White boxer dogs sometimes just get a bad wrap.  Although they make look different than the prototypical boxer, they are really no different at all.  They have been around just as long as fawn and brindle boxers, just a little less common.  One of the main reasons for this is that for a long time many breeders made it a practice to euthanize them at birth to prevent future generations of white boxers.

White Boxer Dog Misconceptions

white boxer dogs

By: Mara 1

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding white boxer dogs.  Here are a few examples:

  • White boxer dogs are all albino

  • They are all deaf

  • They suffer from health problems

  • White boxers are rare

Facts About White Boxer Dogs

  • They are not albino

    • White boxers are not albino.  Albino dogs are born without pigment anywhere in there bodies, including their pink eyes and all-white bodies.  White boxer dogs just have a lot of white-colored fur.  In fact, all boxers have a little white fur somewhere on their bodies, some just more than others.
  • They are not all deaf

    • White boxer dogs are not all deaf, but it is a common problem for them.  About 18% of all white boxer dogs are born deaf in at least one ear.  The reason for this is a lack of pigment in the skin cells of their inner ear canal.  If your dog has a litter with white boxer puppies, watch for any of the pups to be unresponsive to the others or sleeping by itself, away from the other puppies (usually signs that the puppy may be deaf).
  • They do not suffer from additional health problems

    • White boxer dogs do not suffer any of the additional health problems that are common in albino dogs.  They are perfectly healthy and normal.
  • They are not rare

    • About 20-25% of all boxer dogs are born white.  This does not qualify them as rare.

Don’t Give Up On White Boxer Dogs

I, personally have had several white boxer dogs and I can say with confidence that they are just as smart and loving as any other dog.  I have even come across a few deaf boxer dogs.  One thing I will say about deaf boxers is do not give up on them.  I have seen them trained with hand signals and make perfect additions to any family.



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