Boxer Dog Crying: What You Need to Know

Boxer dog crying is a common issue.  Each and every day, for one reason or another, my boxer is crying about something.  Let me give you a few examples:

When I go to bed – she cries.

When I’m getting ready to leave the house – she cries.

When I won’t let her on the couch – she cries.

Just because it’s Tuesday – she cries.

Are you suffering from the madness known as boxer dog crying?

Why is Your Boxer Dog Crying?

Who really understands the inner workings of a boxer?  I’ve had boxers my whole life and the one thing I’ve learned is that they are all very different with distinctive personality traits.  One of the few things that I know for certain is that they are emotional dogs.  They feel very strongly about their owners and maybe they are just crying because they want to be closer to you.  Maybe they just want to share your space and cuddle a little more.

But what about those times where they seem to cry for no reason at all?

The Most Likely Reason

If your boxer cries consistently for no reason, they probably are just needing more exercise.  Boxers are a very high-energy dog that require a lot of walking, running, and playing.  When they don’t get that energy worked out of them in a positive way, it will work itself out negatively.  This usually results in your boxer dog crying, chewing up things they’re not supposed to, and resisting your commands.

Another Possible Reason

If you exercise your dog on a regular basis, give your dog a proper amount of attention, and she still cries and whines at a high rate, it may be time to take her to your local vet.  When your dog is properly cared for and she still acts out of the ordinary, this could be a behavioral issue with a medical cause.

Hypothyroidism is known to be rare, but somewhat common in boxer dogs.  According to the American Boxer Club, boxers are the fifth most common dog breed to develop autoimmune thyroid disease, which often progresses to hypothyroidism.  Early signs of this include behavioral issues such as excessive crying.


So if your boxer dog’s crying and whining has got you up late at night, don’t immediately jump to conclusions and think she’s ill.  Take her for that extra walk, run her around your house a few times, or just smother with kisses until she hates you.


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  1. Linda Bakken says:

    My boxer talks to me to let me know she needs outside to potty. It actually sounds like she is saying Mama.

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