5 Questionable Things My Boxer Dog is Afraid of

boxer dog photoI can’t count how many times I have scratched my head in amazement at what my boxer just did.  Although I will never quite understand the comings and goings of my dogs, at least I can laugh at some of the funny stuff they do.  Here are some very random things that my boxer dog, Lacey is afraid of.

1. Balloons

balloons photoI can understand how this would make sense if she had popped one and it scared her, but she is supposed to be my big, tough, boxer.  There’s nothing more embarrassing for a dog owner than to have a dog who will evacuate a birthday party at the sight of a ball of helium.

2. Tin Foil

My boxer loves it when I am in the kitchen…until the shiny tin foil rears its ugly head.  Is it wrong that I like to roll it in a ball and throw it around a little bit to mess with her?

3. My Cat

I hope my dog knows that she is capable of eating this cat at any time, but nevertheless my cat scares the shit out of her.  It’s like watching the pecking order in a prison take shape in front of me.

In my dog’s defense…he’s a scary f****** cat.

4. Being Alone

This must be a boxer thing.  Every boxer I’ve ever owned freaks out every time I leave the house.  I just know that in her head she is thinking “This is it.  He’s never coming back.”  Then I come home to find an ecstatic boxer with dried up tears all over her face, trying to act like she wasn’t just crying for eight hours.

5. Me

I don’t get mad at my dog often, but when I do she thinks the world is coming to an end.  I can’t even yell at her because I’m afraid she will actually have a puppy heart attack…I actually think this.  For some reason, boxers cannot handle disappointing their owners and are perhaps the most anxiety ridden dogs on the planet.  We’ve gotten to the point where when she does something wrong, I know just by looking at her…because she won’t even look me in the eye.

C’mon Boxers, grow a pair.


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