Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog – Dog Fist Bump / Dog High Five

How to Teach Your Dog Fist Bump & High Five

Don’t you get bored of the same old tricks your boxer dog does?  There’s only so many times your dog can impress you with her amazing ability to sit, stay, and not poop in the house.  That’s why I like to experiment with different things and see what my awesome boxer dog can learn to do.  One of those things I taught her with surprising ease was how to fist bump and high five.  Watch her below.

Does Your Dog Know How to Shake?

If your dog knows how to shake, you’re already halfway there.  For the dog fist bump, obviously this is just a modification of how you hold out your hand.  Of course, you should change up the command a little bit.

If your dog does not know how to shake, this is probably the simplest command to teach your dog.  Just hold out your hand and fire off the “shake” command.  If she does not get it right away, grab her paw and shake it for her.  Continue to do this until she is shaking by herself.  This shouldn’t take long.  Just reward her with a treat or toy when she does well.

For the dog high five, this isn’t much different.  Just hold out your hand and say the command of your choice, and pretty much repeat the process mentioned above.

Show Off Your Dog to Your Friends

Once your dog masters the dog fist bump and dog high five, now it’s time to show off her new abilities to your friends and family.  You’ll be amazed at how impressed everyone is of your boxer dog’s new ability.  Personally, I taught my boxer the dog fist bump with a “pound it!” command.  Yeah, I’m pretty awesome.

For a detailed introduction to training your boxer dog, check out this post.

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