Protect Your Dog: Puppy Shot Schedule

Puppy Shot Schedule

So you just brought home your new boxer puppy. She’s everything you hoped she would be; she even has that new puppy smell. After the initial puppy trance lets go of you, it may now be dawning on you that you have a big responsibility. Crap! You actually are responsible for this little pooch’s life. Your head spins as you try and figure out what you have to do to keep this little girl safe.needle photo

Calm Down. Let’s start with the basics. Let’s get your little one on a puppy shot schedule.

Why Vaccinate Your Dog?

When puppies are born, they feed nurse from their mothers which provides them with all antibodies they need to fight off illnesses while their immune systems develop. As soon as they stop nursing, they are at risk of becoming ill. Vaccinations provide them with what they need to boost their immune systems and fight off these illnesses, which can become life-threatening in non-vaccinated puppies.

Vaccinations Needed

There are a few different types of shots that you should be aware of.  You don’t need to be an expert on these, just be familiar with them.  Your local veterinarian should be well aware of these and put your puppy on a schedule.

DHLPPC – This is a combination of six different shots.  They used to be given separately, but now they are combined into one easy vaccination.  This particular shot should be given a few different times throughout the first few months of a puppy’s life.

    D – Canine Distemper Virus – Serious viral illness with no cure.

    H – Hepatitis – Viral infection that affects the liver.

    L – Leptospirosis – Bacterial infection that affects the kidneys.

    P – Parainfluenza – Can cause upper respiratory infections.

    P – Parvovirus – Serious intestinal virus.

    C – Coronavirus – Also an intestinal virus, but not as severe.

Bordetella – An airborne bacterium that is a common cause of kennel cough.

Rabies – Contagious and fatal viral disease.

Giardia – Intestinal parasite that causes the infection Giardiasis.

Lyme – Common tick-transmitted disease.

The Puppy Shot Schedule

6-8 Weeks of Age: First DHLPPC shot.

9 Weeks of Age: Second DHLPPC shot.

12 Weeks of Age: Third DHLPPC shot.

14 Weeks of Age: Lyme disease shot.  Giardia shot.  Bordetella shot.

16 Weeks of Age: Second Lyme disease shot.  Fourth and final DHLPPC shot.  It may also be time to get your first rabies shot, but check with your veterinarian first because these vary depending on your state’s regulations.

Every 6 Months: Bordetella shot (check with vet).

Annually:  Generally once a year you should be scheduling your pooch for these shots: Lyme, DHLPPC (check with vet), Giardia (check with vet).

Every 1-3 Years: You should check with your local veterinarian about the frequency of a Rabies shot, but generally it is every one to three years.

So, there you have it!  You can call you local vet, schedule a few appointments, mark your calendar and clear your mind.  Make sure to get your puppy a full check-up (tip-to-tail, as they say) and discuss what shots will be necessary.  You now have a full puppy shot schedule and can stop worrying about it.  Feel free to enjoy your new addition to the family and start worrying about new things like puppy training, what food to buy, what medicine works best…CRAP!

Worried about training your boxer puppy?  Check out this post that gives you a good boxer training overview.






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