5 Interesting Boxer Dog Facts

It’s easy to see what’s so interesting about our favorite pooches.  Here are some not so well known facts about our whiny boxer dog friends.

By: ninarefriends.

1. A Boxer Has Held a Guinness World Record

You think your dog can be invasive with her incessant slobbering?  Maybe your dog isn’t so bad.  Brandy, the boxer, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue ever for a dog.  Her tongue measured in at a whopping 43 cm (17 inches).

She lived with her owner John Scheid of St. Clair Shores, Michigan until September 2002, until she unfortunately passed away from a stomach disorder common among boxers.

2. Boxers Have…umm…Intimidating Ancestors

Ever wonder why your boxer is so good at tug of war?  They are known descendants of Bullenbeissers, a German breed that is now extinct.  Bullenbeissers were effective hunting dogs used in the late 19th century for seizing and holding down prey until their hunters retrieved them.  They specialized in the pursuit of wild boar, bison, deer, and even bears.  You may think twice the next time you deny your dog that extra Beggin’ Strip.

3. The “Chewbacca” Growl

Anyone who owns a boxer knows that familiar sound your dog makes when he/she is feeling frisky.  My sister and brother-in-law cleverly coin this the “Chewbacca”.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t own a boxer and should watch this video.


4. Cropping Ears and Docking Tails is Optional

Boxers were originally hunting dogs in Germany, where long tails and floppy ears could leave them at a disadvantage to the elements.  Floppy ears were a vulnerability that other predators could take advantage of.  If a dog was in a fight, having cropped ears would lessen the chances of a foe injuring them.  The long tail could also be a burden for them, for boxers are known for their active wagging.  A long tail could potentially suffer an injury when exposed to the elements, so it was just easier to dock them.

These precautions are really no longer necessary today for the average house dog.  Most people still prefer to dock the tails, for it can be dangerous when they get older for their owners or small children (For how excited my boxer gets, I would have bruises all over my legs).  Cropping ears is usually avoided though, due to its unnecessary purpose.  Some people do it to keep the “traditional” boxer look or to make them appear more menacing.  A lot of vets won’t even perform this procedure anymore, and it’s even illegal in some countries.

5. Deafness in White Boxers

It has been widely known for some time that many white boxers are born deaf.  I have heard many different theories of why this is, but trust me, they are NOT albino.  Deafness in many white dogs, not just boxers, is caused by a lack of pigment cells in the inner ear.  This lack of pigment cells is also the cause of the dominant white color, and is also why this is genetic.  I, personally have had several white boxers through many different litters over the years and have only had one deaf one.  This is a very small percentage of white boxers that are deaf, but don’t give up on them for this one fault.  My deaf puppy went to a good home where his owner taught him to sit, stay, lay down, etc. through hand signals.  I have to say, he was actually one of the best behaved boxers I have ever been around.

These interesting boxer dog facts are just a few reasons why boxers are so great.  Each one is equipped with a personality that makes them unique to all other dog breeds.  Check in later as I will be posting some new obscure boxer facts, habits, and traits.


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